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Billionaires Pledge Half Of Wealth To Charity

Forty U.S. billionaires pledged Wednesday to give at least half of their wealth to charity — either during their lifetimes or after death.

Listen/read this NPR story.

Of course in Islam, you can only give 1/3 of your wealth after you die, but you can give more if you are still alive.

The Story Of Your $3 Contribution

Alhamduillah with HalfDate your $3 can do wonders! How?

Because each month we focus on one project, and you pool your half a date (small contribution) with others until the amount is enough to accomplish the project of that month.

But that’s not it.

With HalfDate, your $3 can thrive and grow. How?

Let’s take the Dawah DVD Drive as an example.

  • You give $3 to the DeenShow.
  • They make a DVD and gave it to HalfDate.
  • HalfDate gives it to a masjid that has needy families.
  • The masjid sells it at $5.
  • Now your DVD is out there (hopefully doing Dawah on your behalf).
  • The needy family gets $2 (a masjid can sell 100 DVDs after a Jummah so $200).
  • The DeenShow gets back $3 of the DVD cost.
  • Now, the DeenShow uses the $3 and sends a new DVD to another masjid that needs to buy a property.
  • The masjid sells the DVD for $10.
  • Again, your DVD is out there (hopefully doing Dawah on your behalf).
  • The masjid gets $7.
  • The DeenShow gets $3 back and the cycle goes on.

So your $3 + HalfDate + DeenShow + Masjid/School = Dawah, service, more DVDs and more importantly rewards from Allah (inshaAllah).

Want to do Sadaqah in a creative way?

Go to HalfDate.com.

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If your masjid or school wants to participate in this project, contact us.