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Update on “Needy Sisters”

Assalam alaikum,

According to AlMaun Fund, all requests have been fulfilled, Alhamdulillah.

As for Sister Nafisa, here is a message from her. Please keep her and every in your Dua.

“As salaamu alaikum, My name is Sr. Nafisa Cooper I am currently being assisted by the Al Maun Fund with my current situation. The assistance I have received thus far has been a true blessing! I am grateful to Allah for the help from the ummah and I pray that Allah will continue to give this organization success in all their endeavors, what they are doing to help those of us in need is not only an honorable deed it is one that we should continuously support and thank Allah for the opportunity to help when we all can. I would like to thank everyone who has helped and I pray that Allah will make your roads to jannah easy and light, amin.”

For updates on her situation, read the description of her video at http://youtu.be/S1It3wHi-_0

Needy Sisters

Shelter Move-In Expenses

Here is the link: http://womenaffairs.chipin.com/shelter-move-in-expenses


Or send your check to Click here for contact address/phone/email

A sister has being subjected to severe toxic mold issues in her home that has caused multiple health issues. She has reached out to numerous governmental agencies with no success $1000 requested.

The pending requests from http://almaunfund.org

cr.1299 Sister requests help with prescriptions for chronic illness and food. She is unemployed and has no healthcare coverage $150.00

cr.1302 Mother of (4) is in need of food and cost of GED test. $145.00

jazakallahu khairun