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Almaun Fund Requests: Help 5 Needy Families

How often do you have the opportunity in life to make a difference, no matter how small the charity? These moments surround us but many times we overlook them in our complexity, when the solution is simple. The biggest healing often times come from the smallest kindnesses. This is what the core value of Al Maun Fund expresses. The small kindnesses that make the largest difference in the healing of people – financially, emotionally and most importantly spiritually. Here is a small list of the cases that Al Maun Fund is attempting to help today.

cr.1259 Mother of (3) requests help with utility bill.$250.00
cr.1260 A sister needs help paying her car registration and tags to maintain employment, $100.00
cr.1262 Mother of (2), limited income seeks aid to avoid utility shut-off. $300.0
cr.1263 Mother of (4), suffered from domestic violence, needs help paying rent. $289.00
cr.1264 Expectant mother (with one other young child with her) is currently in safe house due to physical harm.She is working until she delivers which is within the next month. She needs basic items for her two children, including a stroller.

You can donate specifically to these families, referencing the CR # or you can donate to the General Fund for Al Maun Fund that will assist with other families and overhead costs.

Please remember that it is first by Allaah’s Rahmah, then His softening of the believer’s heart to give that allows us to help people on a daily basis.

Please continue to Help us help others insha’allah.


Meet for Meat Project


Meet for Meat is a project to distribute the Qurban/Udhiya meat to needy Muslims.

The project has three goals:
-Encouraging Muslims to offer their Qurban locally
-Reviving the Sunnah of sharing the meat
-Reviving the Sunnah of eating the meat during Eid Al-Adha and the following 3 days.

We are going to replicate this project in different cities. Please share your experience if you did a similar meat distribution project.

Why offering your Qurban locally instead of sending it overseas?

An interview with Alamaanah officer about their Meet for Meat project for 1430/2009

Leave Them To A Non-Muslim Shelter?

Update: From Sister Nadia (Women’s Affairs of AMH, Inc) regarding this family.

In the Name of Allah The Most Gracious, The Most Beneficent.

One of the families called to let us know that they have seek refuge at a non Muslim shelter that took the whole family. And they where calling to make sure that we knew that they are fine and together and wanted to know how we are getting along with the weather.

She had mentioned that her husband car had gotten vandalized and the car is totaled and because she has multiple sclerosis she cannot move around too much and that is why they had the car.

We know where she is located and it is very far we have diapers for her children and with the assistance of Allah and then you the Ummah we can succeed in assisting them.

We are feeling that we are asking too much of the Ummah. However, should you find a way to assist for the sister and her family, we will appreciate it.

We will be calling her this evening and insha’Allah depending what donations sent to the Women Affairs we will ask her husband to take the bus up here that is if he has the means and pick up the diapers and the little funds so they can move around for a little while.

We feel so helpless because the Women Affairs van is not workable we are in need to have it repaired.

Because we know Allah subhaanah wa ta’Allah never brake his promise to us He always come to our rescue eventually. Surah: 2:274.


Nadia A.McIntosh
Women Affairs of AMH Inc

Click here to help the shelter project.