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My 2 years old keeps getting skin infections

Repairs needed in the women section of Masjid Muminiin in Baltimore, MD.

References: The masjid has been serving its local community and being recognized by national organizations.

If anyone wants to order the parts directly from a hardware store and ship it to them, it’s possible.

As salaam wa alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatu-

Inshallah, I pray you may give this consideration. I attend a masjid that is actually two townhomes put together and is connected by a kitchen. The sister’s side is not being respected by the brothers who have three times the amount of space in the second townhome. The common kitchen is disgusting and the men use our townhome and do not respect our privacy. The Imam has talked to the brothers but there is still a problem and he has no money to give us to rectify the problem. Me, and two other sisters, have formed a Women’s committee to address our needs. We can no longer use our money because we are struggling ourselves to keep up the cleanliness of our side. We spoke to the Imam and he said whatever we do, he is fine with. We went to Home Depot to price a door with a lock to seal off the kitchen, two new locks for the entry points to our side, new flooring because ours is deplorable, a dry erase board to hold classes, new blinds to put up so that we can have privacy on the windows,paint, and cleaning supplies to disinfect the kitchen so that we can cook to fundraise to get funds to further projects for the women. The only thing I can do now is bring incense to cover the smell, and try to sweep the floors to keep it clean. The carpets have to be removed because my 2 year old keeps getting skin infections when we go to Salat Al-Jummah, and the other sister on the committee cannot even come to the masjid because her children have severe asthma and this would trigger an attack. Our area to pray is so small not all of the sisters fit, so we need to expand into the living room. Please help me and the sisters. This would go a long way in improving morale and draw more sisters to the masjid so we can get knowledge. I know how to pinch a penny so any money given would not be squandered and I can provide receipts. Thank you-

Sister Tahira

More People Become Homeless

This video is really touching, especially seeing children living in homeless shelters or stressed for economic hardship.

Watch the video at ABC 20/20 Recession Through the Eyes of the Children

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