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Luba & Bilal Eid Cards For Sadaqah

Assalaamu Alaikum

Since HalfDate is a very inspirational project and cause to me and many others around the world…I wanted to share this story with all of the HalfDate community – if you deem it suitable – to inspire them…especially children!

There are two children, Luba (8yrs) and Bilal (almost 7yrs), who live in a community that doesn’t have many Muslims. Despite that, they have been striving to learn about the deen with the help of their Mom, and have recently started performing their 5 daily prayers regularly, and for the first time were able to fast in Ramadaan for the full (LONG) day (in Canada). And since they have learned that Ramadaan is the month of giving, they took up a special Ramadaan project…they made Eid greeting cards and sold them to their close family members, and they are donating all the funds they made from their sales for sadaqah. [And the $30 donation I’m sending on their behalf is the money they have collectively made so far selling their cards].

We hope, that by sharing their story, Luba and Bilal will be encouraged to continue keeping their prayers, fasting, and doing acts of charity; and that it will inspire other children from all around the world to take up little projects and use them to raise funds for good causes, and that family and friends support children around them and encourage them to do good.

Attached are some pictures of the cards they made.

Jazaakumullaahu khairan.

I will be sending the funds to HalfDate shortly in shaa’ Allaah.

Wassalaamu Alaikum

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