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Arabic alphabet apps from HalfDate friends

Baba Ali has released his Cute Arabic Alphabet apps on iTune (it’s currently for iPad, but iPhone is coming soon).

DeenGame has released their Find the Harf Arabic Alphabet game for Android.

How to raise money for a cause

Watch this seminar to learn how you can raise money for a cause.

Read more: http://www.andersoncooper.com/2012/03/22/brendon-burchard-how-to-raise-money-for-your-cause-webinar/#ixzz1q0TyXQd5
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Sick child needs a new home (can you help?)

As Salaamu Aalaykum,
We have a family in need of relocating ASAP! They have a child that suffers from a severe pulmonary condition and severe allergies to several molds. It is medically necessary that the child no longer occupy his current residence, as further exposure to the health risk in the home can result in irreversible obstruction and chronic lung disease.

The child is currently hospitalized and cannot be released until a new home is secured. They are in need of $500 to secure the new apartment. They are able to pay the rent with no problem after that.

This request has been verified, and documented from the pediatric hospital.

Please make a donation via this link


or send to:

Al Maun Fund
POB 7691
Atlantic City, NJ 08404-7691

Please rush to aid this young child today insha’allah! Please share on your FB page!

Jazakallahu khairun!–

POB 7691
Atlantic City, NJ 08404-7691

Online giving study

The online giving study covers:

  • $381 million in online giving
  • 3.6 million gifts
  • 1.879 million unique donors
  • 66,470 different nonprofits
  • Seven-year time span (2003-2009)
  • Donations to a wide range of nonprofit sizes and types

HalalTrip.com’s Reviews for Charity Campaign

halal trip review site

HalalTrip.com is a travel review site that can come handy for Muslim travelers because they rate hotels in aspects that Muslim consumers care about such as halal food, segregated swimming pools, etc. Recently, they have purchased an advertisement with our Sister service HalalBuzz.com and we ran it for them on Facebook and 1/3 of the donations (as always for HalalBuzz) went to Sadaqah.

This Ramadan, HalalTrip is having a Review for a Charity Campaign where they donate $1 for each review you submit. Again they approached HalalBuzz, Alhamdulilah, and  hopefully they will give the donation to some projects listed on a HalfDate drive.

So if you’d like to help, please submit a review.  As well as helping other Muslim travelers, because of your review $1will be given as Sadaqah, inshaAllah.

Read Halal Trips’ media release below:

Ramadan campaign: Reviews for charity
Vienna – For Muslims around the world Ramadan is the most notable time of the year. Beside fasting and praying during the night giving “sadaqqa” to people in need is a major part of this month.
Hence, halaltrip (http://www.halaltrip.com), a Muslim-friendly & halal hotel review site, contributes something special to the most wonderful time of the year: “Reviews for charity”. For each published hotel review on halaltrip in the month of Ramadan the hotel review site will donate 1$ USD for charity.

“We hopefully can reach 500 reviews and will then decide whether to continue or not. Giving ‘sadaqqa’ in such a blessed time is not only a great opportunity for us but for each and everyone writing a hotel review”, says Karim Saad, founder of halaltrip.

halaltrip is a hotel review site available in English, Turkish, German and French listing hotels around the world with special services for Muslims. Users can search and rate their favorite hotels and check out the huge amount of travel stuff. halaltrip was founded in late summer 2009 and went online in March 2010.

Struck by a truck

The brother of http://charityReplay.org/ survived a highway accident with a truck today. “Alhamdulillah that Allah saved me; I should have died. Car is a write-off. Hospital people released me saying I’m ok, minus concussion.” Please make dua for him.

Getting things done: Joi Ito

Getting things done is a type of influence. Read about Joichi ‘Joi’ Ito’s view of non-profit work and getting things done.

Billionaires Pledge Half Of Wealth To Charity

Forty U.S. billionaires pledged Wednesday to give at least half of their wealth to charity — either during their lifetimes or after death.

Listen/read this NPR story.

Of course in Islam, you can only give 1/3 of your wealth after you die, but you can give more if you are still alive.

Delancey Street Foundation

Visit to learn more: http://www.delanceystreetfoundation.org/

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