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Your family needs help

As salaamu alaykum wa rahmatulah,

Please give from the heart today! We have many families who could use a bit of help insha’allah. Please donate today, if you can’t may Allaah reward you or your niyaat, ameen! Please share this information as some of these requests have time restraints.

cr.1319 Recently widowed father of (6) needs assistance with clothes for children, household items, stove and more. $350.00

Children are in need of clothes . Girl (size) 6-12 months, boy (size) 2T, girl (size)4T, boy (size5-6), girl (size 7-8), girl (size #58 abaya). girl (size#60 abaya)

cr.1324 Sister’s unemployment has run out, and she has not been able to secure employment. She requests help with utility bill $200.00

cr.1325 Sister has protective order for her and children. She will be moving into a new apartment shortlyand is in need of household items. We have many things to give her, just need to ship . $75.00

cr.1333 Couple with no health coverage, is having trouble paying for medical expenses for expectant mother. $350.00

cr.1334 Sister has children with health issues. She is currently receiving unemployment and needs help with utility bills. $250.00

cr.1335 Elder sister receiving SSI, requests help with food $75.00, and islamic attire. (long khimar, niqabb abaya size 56 or 58 )

cr.1337 Disabled mom to five kids (one child has has cerebral palsy and Autism. The sister needs Islamic clothing in size 18/20 or 2x. Abayas, long sleeved blouses, long flowy skirts, khimars and hijabs. Also 1 or 2 piece Amira type because they work best with her medical condition. Her sons are in need of shoes(size 8 boys, Size 3 boys, And two children wear size 2 in boys, Disabled girl needs trifold socks, leggings, or tall socks that would fit a size 10 toddler, they must be tall to accommodate her braces, child also needs 5 year old sized hijab /abaya. Additional needs include gas and electric $174.52 and bus pass $72.00

Donations can made at our website with Paypal or Google Checkout http://www.almaunfund.org/index.php?option=com_jdonation&view=donation&Itemid=204 or can be mailed to:

Al Maun Fund
POB 7691
Atlantic City, NJ 08404-7691

A bank transfer can also be done if that is your preference.

Please email us with any questions or concerns. Please forward this email to your contacts insha’allah.

All help is most greatly appreciated. Please make dua for us and our efforts.

Barakallahu feekum

Al Maun Fundstaff