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Needy Sisters

Shelter Move-In Expenses

Here is the link: http://womenaffairs.chipin.com/shelter-move-in-expenses


Or send your check to Click here for contact address/phone/email

A sister has being subjected to severe toxic mold issues in her home that has caused multiple health issues. She has reached out to numerous governmental agencies with no success $1000 requested.

The pending requests from http://almaunfund.org

cr.1299 Sister requests help with prescriptions for chronic illness and food. She is unemployed and has no healthcare coverage $150.00

cr.1302 Mother of (4) is in need of food and cost of GED test. $145.00

jazakallahu khairun


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8 Responses to “Needy Sisters”

  1. Khurram Barok says:

    Asalaamu alykum,
    Bi’iznillah I would like to help any one, how can I transfer some funds to either yourselves or the recipient.
    Jazakallah khair

  2. HalfDater says:


    Wa alaikum assalam

    Wa iyyakum, you can click “ChipIn” button or email them.


  3. Al Maun Fund says:

    As salaamu alaykum

    We did reply to brother Khurram.

    Shukran wa jazakallahu khairun

  4. fatou says:

    I will donate food. I live in Altlanta so if their any sisters who need food i can help with that.

  5. muhammad rizwan says:

    i am all alone in this world ,i am suffering from brain cancer i cannot afford the medicines any body like to help me pleasee

  6. Al Maun Fund says:

    As salaamu alaykum brother Khurram

    We did send you an email with information the same week,


    AMF staff

  7. Alyaa says:

    I tried to donate can’t find any Chipin button nor a donation button please send the complete link to donate thank you

  8. admin says:


    Sent you the link. Baraka Allahu feekum

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