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DriveFruit: Warm Winter Fruit 3/3

This is the result of Warm Winter DateDrive.

Alhamduillah, was seemed to be impossible, now it’s accomplished. All thanks and praise are due to Allah.

May Allah reward all those who helped and may Allah thank you for your efforts.

As salaamu alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu.

In the Name of Allah The Most Gracious, The Most Beneficent

AlhamdulliAllah Rabil Alamin. We have reached our goal. Again we cannot express our gratitude with words of how we are thankful of your support. We pray to Allah SubhaanAllah wa ta’Allah that each and everyday that we are making progress each and every nail, sweat, purchases, and payment to the workers to complete the renovation of the home and when completed that Allah, He The Almighty Sovereign Lord give you all the good of this life and the hereafter and expiate one of your sins for each day a family is housed and assisted because of your Duaas and support.

Ameen Make Duaa that another home from another city, state, country is build or set up for helping homeless families or homeless women or men insha’Allah.

There are other problems in our community such as substance Abuse, Alcolhol,Mental Health, and Domestic violence. This is something we face each and everday operating a shelter for those in need in our community it is reality that the community at large have to accept and do something about it insha’Allah Again JazakAllahu Khayr for everything.

Should you still want to make a contribution on a monthly bases please visit our website at http://www.almumtahinahhome.org/ and place you donations online or you can mail in your contributions.

Nadia Auxila McIntosh

The Story Of Your $3 Contribution

Alhamduillah with HalfDate your $3 can do wonders! How?

Because each month we focus on one project, and you pool your half a date (small contribution) with others until the amount is enough to accomplish the project of that month.

But that’s not it.

With HalfDate, your $3 can thrive and grow. How?

Let’s take the Dawah DVD Drive as an example.

  • You give $3 to the DeenShow.
  • They make a DVD and gave it to HalfDate.
  • HalfDate gives it to a masjid that has needy families.
  • The masjid sells it at $5.
  • Now your DVD is out there (hopefully doing Dawah on your behalf).
  • The needy family gets $2 (a masjid can sell 100 DVDs after a Jummah so $200).
  • The DeenShow gets back $3 of the DVD cost.
  • Now, the DeenShow uses the $3 and sends a new DVD to another masjid that needs to buy a property.
  • The masjid sells the DVD for $10.
  • Again, your DVD is out there (hopefully doing Dawah on your behalf).
  • The masjid gets $7.
  • The DeenShow gets $3 back and the cycle goes on.

So your $3 + HalfDate + DeenShow + Masjid/School = Dawah, service, more DVDs and more importantly rewards from Allah (inshaAllah).

Want to do Sadaqah in a creative way?

Go to HalfDate.com.

What do you think? Post a comment and share your thoughts.

If your masjid or school wants to participate in this project, contact us.

How will you get them shelter?

((May the peace, mercy, and blessings of Allah be with you).
(I seek protection in Allah swt from the accursed shaitan/devil/satan).
(In the name of God, the Most Kind, the Most Merciful)).

Hello everyone. This post was sent by a sister. Please read her story, what she went through. There are many of our brothers and sisters out there, who have no shelter. We should try to help them Inshallah. Stories like this really make you think. Inshallah, make dua, that this doesn’t happen to anyone you know, Inshallah and whoever it does happen to, that some way Allah will help them Inshallah, Ameen.

Also, her story removes the misconception that homeless people are losers. She was a victim but not a loser and eventually she found her way out of poverty.

Subject: Shelter

As salaamu alaikum,

“so how did you get out from the shelter?”

Brother, I could write a book on this whole ordeal!  It began when my ex-husband (who married me when I had three children from a previous marriage) got us evicted from not paying rent, unbeknownst to me!  He admitted to me at that time that he had also been using several kinds of drugs as well as alcohol–This was shocking for me, as I was raised Muslim and had never been around ppl using drugs or alcohol.  That’s probably why I didn’t recognize the signs earlier.

With five children now, I eventually wound up in a shelter (not sister Nadia’s).  My youngest was only a couple of months old.  I stayed there for a month, but circumstances there became difficult, and my little sister insisted I come stay with her. Ironically, I raised that little sister from the time she was 10 until she married at 20 and never dreamed I’d impose upon her like that. We stayed in her family’s two bedroom apartment for about 8 months.

When I was at the shelter, I exhausted all means looking for housing.  I was blessed to be referred to a housing program (similar to section 8, but not the same, as they help with credit and eventually with home ownership) where I was accepted and just had to wait for my name to reach the top of the list.

Working a traditional job didn’t fit, because I could not afford childcare for my two little ones (both were under 2 then). So I worked from home doing what I could (I had previously done customer service from home, but with no home of my own and with smaller kids, I couldn’t have my own phone line or a quiet place to work in the home).  I helped a lawyer prepare legal documents, I edited college papers, websites, and even a book by a college professor; I braided hair, and I even sold dinners!

Well, Alhamdulillah, my name was called, and my kids and I are now nestled in a nice, accommodating home outside of Baltimore.  I continue to do small editing jobs ( I have 2 years towards a degree, and I’m an English major) and I am thinking of returning to freelance writing.

Sister Jamila

In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

Asalaamu Alaiakum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatu

With a two week deadline can a community raise $42, 000 to save their Masjid from foreclosure?

Yes, they can! And they have! A community did just this recently. Which community? The Ummah of Muhammad Salalahu Alayhi wa Salaam.

Muslims from all over donated to help save Bronx Muslim Center, USA, Inc from foreclosure. Using mediums such as Facebook, Youtube and email to raise awareness, volunteers were able to rally Muslims to donate over $20,000 just online and another $22,000 offline.

On Feburary 12th, 2010 the House which will be the future Masjid was purchased.

Alhamdulilah! All with the Help and Permission of Allah (SWT).

Background Info:

Bronx Muslim Center USA, Inc. is a non-profit, independent organization located at 2531 Davidson Avenue, Bronx, NY 10468. BMCUI’s ultimate mission is to create an Islamic environment for the Muslim community in the Fordham Road area by providing religious, educational, and recreational activities for its members and the members of the public at large. Among the primary goals of Bronx Muslim Center USA, Inc. is the outreach to the non-Muslims in the community and educate the public about Islam.

Please Visit For More Info: http://www.BronxMuslimCenter.Org

You can visit the recent Facebook event in which hundreds of Muslims ‘attended’ and gave for the sake of Allah to save the Masjid:


Some of the Donation Statistics:

USA: 67.4%
UK: 15.3%
Canada: 12.5%
Australia: 2.1%
Singapore: 0.7%
Malaysia: 1.4%
Switzerland: 0.7%

You can also read an article published in a local newspaper about the efforts of Volunteers, amongst them HalfDate.com:


We ask Allah to reward everyone who helped to save this Masjid. May Allah build for you a beautiful House in Jannah, ameen

However, in the process of saving the Masjid, the community had to borrow an interest free loan of $253,000 which they must repay in a short period of time. Therefore, the Masjid committee is appealing to you to donate generously so that this loan can be paid on its due time in order to make the House of Allah debt free.

Allah, the Exalted said: “And whatsoever you spend of anything (in Allah’s cause), He will replace it.” (34:39)

We would also like to remind our brothers and sisters that Prophet Muhammad (Saw) said: “When man dies, his deeds come to an end except for three things; Sadaqa-e-Jariah, a knowledge which Beneficial to others or a virtuous descendent who pray for him.” (Muslim)

Please Visit To Donate: http://www.BronxMuslimCenter.Org

Donating money to build a Masjid for the sake of Allah is a Sadaqa-e-Jariah (continuous charity), meaning the reward will continue to reach the donor even after death. This is also mentioned by Prophet Muhammad (Saw) in an authentic hadith.

Please encourage others to be part of this Noble Cause because Prophet Muhammad (Saw) said: “”Whoever guides someone to virtue will be rewarded equivalent to him who practices that good action.” (Muslim)

“Whoever builds a mosque for the sake of Allaah, like a sparrow’s nest or even smaller, Allaah will build for him a house in Paradise.”

Please Visit To Donate: http://www.BronxMuslimCenter.Org

If you cannot, please keep the Masjid and Community in your duaas.

May Allah reward you with the sweetest date in Jannah, ameen!

Wa’alaykum Asalaam wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatu

DriveFruit: Warm Winter Fruit 2/3

This is the result of Warm Winter DateDrive.

The following is an email from Sister Nadia of Women Affairs of AMH, Inc regarding this family.

As salaamu alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu.

May this message reach you in the best of Iman. We have taken the remaining balance of the donations to her and took pictures of her and her children Boy 5 months and Girl 2 or 3 years?

Her husband was in school at ITT Tech and he is doing fine we believe he won an honored scholarship from ITT and they are making sure that he finds a good job insha’Allah (God willing).

Sister Jasirah is very grateful and expressed the negative she had gone through with the Ummah locally when seeking assistance. We had to reassure her, not everyone is negative and what everyone has done for you with the help of Allah is what we as Muslims do for one another.

This is our duty for one another. So have no worries pray, do the best you can, be the best Muslimah that you can be and be patient and all kind of doors will be open for you and your family. Allah has just given you a sign when you thought you had no help.

She did call and left a message insha’Allah you had received it.


Nadia A.McIntosh

Voice Message from Sister Jasirah:

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

(Sister Jasirah With Her Children)

I Was Homeless Too…

This is a comment from a sister about our Warm Winter Drive to help Homeless Muslims:

“Thank you so much for this link [http://bit.ly/saveourfamilies].  I actually spent the past 6 months in a homeless shelter because when I converted, me and my two children were kicked out of my mother’s home.  This place was horrible for me,  they were horrible to me because I was a Muslim.  A convert I know also spent time at the shelter there because he was kicked out of his mother’s house as well.  Before that I spent another 3 months in a Domestic violence shelter because of an abusive marriage.  I wish there was a homeless shelter for Muslims during my time on the streets with my children.  I am in college now and Alhumdilah I am in a stable apartment, I still do not have my kids with me.  Inshallah things will change soon.  I donated some of my zakat to them.”


Sister J

Please also contribute to this drive with donations or a pleasant word so our Muslim Brothers and Sisters have a warm winter this year.

May Allah (SWT) reward you with the sweetest date in Jannah, ameen!

Backstory: Who is Abu Samah?

Some of you wondered who was the Brother Abu Samah mentioned in DateDrive: Warm Winter in Memory of Abu Samah..

Well, Abu Samah (the father of Samah) is Brother Sayed/Raymond Johnson, a revert brother who passed away on Tuesday Jan 26, 2010 in Arizona, USA.

SubhanaAllah, it was unbelievable (in the west) to be able to follow the Sunnah and complete the burial within the same day. All the hospice staff said that it was impossible, but Allah has made it easy for Sayed and his family. Many Muslims attended the Janaza prayer and funeral on a short notice, Alhamduillah.

According to his family, Sayed passed away after saying the Shahadah, Alhamduillah.

Sister Samah:

“It was in the morning
I woke up to get ready for work
and mama was reading Surat Yaseen* with him
and I went to tell him good morning
and gave him hug
and we tell him Shahada always after we tell him everything so that its the last thing he says
and then I went to pray sub7 [Fajr]
and then when i was doing Shahada
I heard mama saying inna lilah wa inna elyh raje3un
and i finished n went to see him and he was not breathing anymore

everything went so easily mashA’allah
and with me at home
I was supposed to leave to work in like 20 mins.”

HalfDate didn’t inform Samah that we were going to mention her dad in the drive, because usually HalfDate volunteers don’t like to be acknowledged.

Sister Samah:

abu samah my dad!!!
abu samah is my dad
am speechless
jazakum allahu khyran.”

She appreciates all the your duaa for her dad.

On behalf of Abu Samah’s family, HalfDate would like to thank all of you for your kindness and support for your HalfDate family members.

And on behalf of all HalfDaters, we ask Allah the most high (Subhanahu wa taa’ala) to forgive Brother Sayed/Raymond Johnson and grant him the sweetest date in Jannah. Ameen.

*Editor’s Note: according to some scholars, the meanings of Yaseen is suitable to be read for someone who is expected to pass away.

DriveFruit: Warm Winter Fruit 1/3

This is the result of Warm Winter DateDrive.

In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

Asalaamu Alaiakum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatu

Alhamdulilah, Baitul Salaam women shelter has given sister F (the mother of 5) the money and she will have her own place to stay and can pay her bills, inshaAllah.

She was one of three requests for HalfDate’s Warm Winter Drive.

You can read about the drive here: http://halfdate.com/2010/01/28/warm-winter-in-memory-of-abu-samah/

From Sister F:

“Walaykum Salam May Allah reward everyone who contributed and help with my situation. The money that was raise for me and my family really help. I was able to pay for the 1st month rent and also pay for the deposit. Alhamdu lilaahi rabil alamin everything is coming along very well. We will be moving this weeken to a 3 bedroom apt.May Allah accept all of our efforts.”

Thank you for those who helped by promoting, forwarding, raising, or giving. May Allah reward you all with the sweetest Date in Jannah, ameen!

Leave Them To A Non-Muslim Shelter?

Update: From Sister Nadia (Women’s Affairs of AMH, Inc) regarding this family.

In the Name of Allah The Most Gracious, The Most Beneficent.

One of the families called to let us know that they have seek refuge at a non Muslim shelter that took the whole family. And they where calling to make sure that we knew that they are fine and together and wanted to know how we are getting along with the weather.

She had mentioned that her husband car had gotten vandalized and the car is totaled and because she has multiple sclerosis she cannot move around too much and that is why they had the car.

We know where she is located and it is very far we have diapers for her children and with the assistance of Allah and then you the Ummah we can succeed in assisting them.

We are feeling that we are asking too much of the Ummah. However, should you find a way to assist for the sister and her family, we will appreciate it.

We will be calling her this evening and insha’Allah depending what donations sent to the Women Affairs we will ask her husband to take the bus up here that is if he has the means and pick up the diapers and the little funds so they can move around for a little while.

We feel so helpless because the Women Affairs van is not workable we are in need to have it repaired.

Because we know Allah subhaanah wa ta’Allah never brake his promise to us He always come to our rescue eventually. Surah: 2:274.


Nadia A.McIntosh
Women Affairs of AMH Inc

Click here to help the shelter project.

House Party Items

In May 2010, inshaAllah, HalfDate in collaboration with global partners are going to launch a worldwide open house for Islam. It’s going to feature activities like screening DVDs or playing games like Kalimaat.

More info will be posted.

So, one of our partners is theDeenShow.com and they are providing DVDs at cost for this worldwide open house event. If you want to order your DVDs, click the button below (all proceeds go to support family owned business who are helping us to ship these orders).

If you want to order to outside US, Canada, UK, and Australia. Please pay an extra $15. The brother that ship these items for you are doing it for free. It doesn’t cover his effort and post office trip.

Buy Two Sets & Save