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Think outside the donation box

My 2 years old keeps getting skin infections

Repairs needed in the women section of Masjid Muminiin in Baltimore, MD.

References: The masjid has been serving its local community and being recognized by national organizations.

If anyone wants to order the parts directly from a hardware store and ship it to them, it’s possible.

As salaam wa alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatu-

Inshallah, I pray you may give this consideration. I attend a masjid that is actually two townhomes put together and is connected by a kitchen. The sister’s side is not being respected by the brothers who have three times the amount of space in the second townhome. The common kitchen is disgusting and the men use our townhome and do not respect our privacy. The Imam has talked to the brothers but there is still a problem and he has no money to give us to rectify the problem. Me, and two other sisters, have formed a Women’s committee to address our needs. We can no longer use our money because we are struggling ourselves to keep up the cleanliness of our side. We spoke to the Imam and he said whatever we do, he is fine with. We went to Home Depot to price a door with a lock to seal off the kitchen, two new locks for the entry points to our side, new flooring because ours is deplorable, a dry erase board to hold classes, new blinds to put up so that we can have privacy on the windows,paint, and cleaning supplies to disinfect the kitchen so that we can cook to fundraise to get funds to further projects for the women. The only thing I can do now is bring incense to cover the smell, and try to sweep the floors to keep it clean. The carpets have to be removed because my 2 year old keeps getting skin infections when we go to Salat Al-Jummah, and the other sister on the committee cannot even come to the masjid because her children have severe asthma and this would trigger an attack. Our area to pray is so small not all of the sisters fit, so we need to expand into the living room. Please help me and the sisters. This would go a long way in improving morale and draw more sisters to the masjid so we can get knowledge. I know how to pinch a penny so any money given would not be squandered and I can provide receipts. Thank you-

Sister Tahira

Last min Ramadan requests

Current requests as of July 31, 2012. Click on Donate Now to help

cr.1396 Family of (5) recently moved into new housing . They are in need of one bed and household items (such as kitchen items, bedding and more). We have many of the household items, but need funds to ship plus to purchase bed. Amount needed $200.00

cr.1398 Sister with (3) children, needs help meeting rent due to limited hours at work. Amount needed $300.00

cr.1400 Recently widowed mother of (5) Seeks help with electric bill. Amount needed $312.00

cr.1401 Homeless expectant mother with one other child, requests help paying storage unit before she loses her belongings. She also is in need of food. Amount needed $225.00

Total needed to help these families $1037.00

Arabic alphabet apps from HalfDate friends

Baba Ali has released his Cute Arabic Alphabet apps on iTune (it’s currently for iPad, but iPhone is coming soon).

DeenGame has released their Find the Harf Arabic Alphabet game for Android.

Dunya to Deen

Eddie of the DeenShow has released his documentary Dunya to Deen

Remember AlAmaanah? They have GROWN, Alhamdulillah

You may be one of HalfDaters who participated in Care for Refugees DateDrive back in 2009, or Quran meat distribution project in 2010. Well, all these projects where organized by your brothers and sisters at AlAmaanah, a Houston based non-profit that has started by some students!

Alhamdulillah, by the grace of Allah then all your help and Dua, Al-Amaanah has launched their new image and Web site

Please keep them in your Duas and pledge for a monthly donation

May Allah reward you with the sweetest date in Jannah

Your family needs help

As salaamu alaykum wa rahmatulah,

Please give from the heart today! We have many families who could use a bit of help insha’allah. Please donate today, if you can’t may Allaah reward you or your niyaat, ameen! Please share this information as some of these requests have time restraints.

cr.1319 Recently widowed father of (6) needs assistance with clothes for children, household items, stove and more. $350.00

Children are in need of clothes . Girl (size) 6-12 months, boy (size) 2T, girl (size)4T, boy (size5-6), girl (size 7-8), girl (size #58 abaya). girl (size#60 abaya)

cr.1324 Sister’s unemployment has run out, and she has not been able to secure employment. She requests help with utility bill $200.00

cr.1325 Sister has protective order for her and children. She will be moving into a new apartment shortlyand is in need of household items. We have many things to give her, just need to ship . $75.00

cr.1333 Couple with no health coverage, is having trouble paying for medical expenses for expectant mother. $350.00

cr.1334 Sister has children with health issues. She is currently receiving unemployment and needs help with utility bills. $250.00

cr.1335 Elder sister receiving SSI, requests help with food $75.00, and islamic attire. (long khimar, niqabb abaya size 56 or 58 )

cr.1337 Disabled mom to five kids (one child has has cerebral palsy and Autism. The sister needs Islamic clothing in size 18/20 or 2x. Abayas, long sleeved blouses, long flowy skirts, khimars and hijabs. Also 1 or 2 piece Amira type because they work best with her medical condition. Her sons are in need of shoes(size 8 boys, Size 3 boys, And two children wear size 2 in boys, Disabled girl needs trifold socks, leggings, or tall socks that would fit a size 10 toddler, they must be tall to accommodate her braces, child also needs 5 year old sized hijab /abaya. Additional needs include gas and electric $174.52 and bus pass $72.00

Donations can made at our website with Paypal or Google Checkout http://www.almaunfund.org/index.php?option=com_jdonation&view=donation&Itemid=204 or can be mailed to:

Al Maun Fund
POB 7691
Atlantic City, NJ 08404-7691

A bank transfer can also be done if that is your preference.

Please email us with any questions or concerns. Please forward this email to your contacts insha’allah.

All help is most greatly appreciated. Please make dua for us and our efforts.

Barakallahu feekum

Al Maun Fundstaff

Update on “Needy Sisters”

Assalam alaikum,

According to AlMaun Fund, all requests have been fulfilled, Alhamdulillah.

As for Sister Nafisa, here is a message from her. Please keep her and every in your Dua.

“As salaamu alaikum, My name is Sr. Nafisa Cooper I am currently being assisted by the Al Maun Fund with my current situation. The assistance I have received thus far has been a true blessing! I am grateful to Allah for the help from the ummah and I pray that Allah will continue to give this organization success in all their endeavors, what they are doing to help those of us in need is not only an honorable deed it is one that we should continuously support and thank Allah for the opportunity to help when we all can. I would like to thank everyone who has helped and I pray that Allah will make your roads to jannah easy and light, amin.”

For updates on her situation, read the description of her video at http://youtu.be/S1It3wHi-_0

How to raise money for a cause

Watch this seminar to learn how you can raise money for a cause.

Read more: http://www.andersoncooper.com/2012/03/22/brendon-burchard-how-to-raise-money-for-your-cause-webinar/#ixzz1q0TyXQd5
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Source Link

Needy Sisters

Shelter Move-In Expenses

Here is the link: http://womenaffairs.chipin.com/shelter-move-in-expenses


Or send your check to Click here for contact address/phone/email

A sister has being subjected to severe toxic mold issues in her home that has caused multiple health issues. She has reached out to numerous governmental agencies with no success $1000 requested.

The pending requests from http://almaunfund.org

cr.1299 Sister requests help with prescriptions for chronic illness and food. She is unemployed and has no healthcare coverage $150.00

cr.1302 Mother of (4) is in need of food and cost of GED test. $145.00

jazakallahu khairun

Almaun Fund Requests: Help 5 Needy Families

How often do you have the opportunity in life to make a difference, no matter how small the charity? These moments surround us but many times we overlook them in our complexity, when the solution is simple. The biggest healing often times come from the smallest kindnesses. This is what the core value of Al Maun Fund expresses. The small kindnesses that make the largest difference in the healing of people – financially, emotionally and most importantly spiritually. Here is a small list of the cases that Al Maun Fund is attempting to help today.

cr.1259 Mother of (3) requests help with utility bill.$250.00
cr.1260 A sister needs help paying her car registration and tags to maintain employment, $100.00
cr.1262 Mother of (2), limited income seeks aid to avoid utility shut-off. $300.0
cr.1263 Mother of (4), suffered from domestic violence, needs help paying rent. $289.00
cr.1264 Expectant mother (with one other young child with her) is currently in safe house due to physical harm.She is working until she delivers which is within the next month. She needs basic items for her two children, including a stroller.

You can donate specifically to these families, referencing the CR # or you can donate to the General Fund for Al Maun Fund that will assist with other families and overhead costs.

Please remember that it is first by Allaah’s Rahmah, then His softening of the believer’s heart to give that allows us to help people on a daily basis.

Please continue to Help us help others insha’allah.